Meet Our Staff

Charlie & Marnie Densmore

Charlie is the co-director of Duke Cru.  He and his wife Marnie met while attending FSU, where Charlie majored in finance and Marnie recieved a degree in Child Life Development. They worked for a few years before spending 2 years on a short-term ministry internship in Sweden. Upon returning, they joined staff with Cru and were excited to be placed at Duke University.  They both enjoy spending time with their four kids, Caden, Asher, Sofia, and Holt.


Sarah Barlow

10616067_10102164535879670_4773389462649420866_nSarah Barlow is the co-director of Duke Cru. A graduate of the University of Kentucky, Sarah has also ministered on campuses in Nashville, TN and New York City. If you are a woman involved with Cru, you definitely need to get to know Sarah. She’d love to sit down for coffee, take you shopping, or just hang out.





Andrew & Dana Hove

IMG_7029Andrew and Dana are both graduates of UNC-Chapel Hill, and met as students in the Cru ministry there. They were married in 2013. After graduation, Dana worked on staff with Cru in East Asia and UNC, while Andrew worked in real estate in Durham. Before coming to Duke in 2016, they spent a year serving in East Asia together with Cru. Andrew and Dana love their puppy, Hank, the outdoors, and delicious Durham food.



MaryMac Thielman

MaryMac went to Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL) where she studied History and Bible/ Theology. After graduating she spent a year with Teach for America in Tuscaloosa, AL teaching 9th and 10th grade history. She joined staff with Cru in 2014 and served at the University of Alabama focusing on ministry within the Greek system. MaryMac grew up in Durham and loves being back and working at Duke!

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