Outreach To Sweden

malmo%cc%88sweden13By Daniel Hull

What will I be doing? Each year, Cru sends thousands of college students throughout the US and abroad on missions.  Along with 6 others from Duke, we will travel to Lund, Sweden from October 7th to October 16th in order to befriend and serve other college students in the area. Cru maintains a long term international team (STINT) based in Lund.  It is our mission to be intentional with these college students and to provide assistance in outreach for this long term team.

Why Sweden? Cru has long sought to reach European college students with their European branch, Agape (God’s Love), at Universities across Sweden. While Europe long served the growth of Christianity around the world, today most of Europe continues its now generational separation from the Church and the Faith. To give you a picture, at a University of over 40,000, there are fewer than 40 Christians seeking a campus ministry where I’ll be going. Sweden, however, offers a breadth of opportunity. Its culture facilitates deep conversations and learning through hours of interpersonal interaction each day. Today its people hunger for purpose and meaning and even an understanding behind Christianity. I hope that this opportunity will give a better picture of what it means to serve overseas and to share the teachings Christ taught his followers that continue to provide a picture of my life.