Articles, Studies, and Discipleship

The staff at Duke Cru wanted to create this page so that students could have valuable, Christ-centered, resources at their fingertips. This is in no way an exhaustive list of materials or resources, but we hope this is a great starting place or helps you. Many of these materials may be used in our Bible studies or discipleship.

We love resourcing students with the books or articles. Looking for something in particular? – please don’t hesitate to reach out and we would love to help. – 919-491-7564

Personal Evaluation

Seeing God Rightly Study

Assurance of Salvation

Why We Must Think Rightly About God Article

Idols of the Heart

Why Have a Quiet Time Article

How to Study the Bible

“4 Sevens” Study of Luke

The Importance of Prayer Article

Prayer Study- John 17

See Yourself Rightly Study

Music of the Gospel Article

Gospel: The Key to Change Article

Life through the Spirit Article

Life through the Spirit Lesson

Holiness of Christ Article

Fruit of the Heart Lesson

The Expulsive Power of a New Affection Article

Flesh/Fantasy Study on Sexual Purity

Thirsty (Devotional Book on the Spirit-Filled Life)

Tim Keller’s How to Know God

Church/Community (Love the Groom, Hate the Bride)

Conflict Resolution

Relationships- A Mess Worth Making

The Leader as Shepherd

Sharing Your Story in a Broken World

How to Lead a Focus Group

War of the Worlds Article

Lost Apart from Christ Article

Personal Evaluation Exercise

Submission to Authority Article

Discerning Spiritual Gifts Article

Inductive Bible Study Methods (Advanced Lesson)

How to Memorize Scripture

Half-Day with the Lord Suggestions

Prayer and the Word of God Article

Servant Leadership Article

Mission Impossible Article

“Top Ten Questions”

“World View Survey”


Deconstructing Defeater Beliefs Article

Leading a Small Group Guide

Asking Good Questions Article

Heaven and Hell: Alternative Endings Article

Church/Para-Church Article